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Topic: Move OS partition to second disk

i have two disks on my laptop.
sda is ssd and sdb is bigger hdd.


sda2 is a win10 install
sda3 is my home  partition on linux
sda5 is my swap partition (inside the extended partition)
sda6 (inside the extended partition) is my root linux install

sdb is my storage partition...it's an ext4 formatted partition that i can reduce in size since it's a 1tb hdd

My goal is move win10 partition (sda2) to sdb, doing a copy/paste and deleting entry on sda...how will i manage the bootmanager to work?


Re: Move OS partition to second disk

I haven't messed with windoze much since XP - but I would say probabely it would be easer to make a second windows install to the second hd (btw you will end up with 2 ntfs partitions not sure what for but know while you may only see one ntfs partition when you boot win10 it actually uses 2 - and durring a clean install it creates a small one on top of the ones you do with it's partition tool) - I would set the hidden flag on the ntfs partitions on sda first. once that is done un-hide the partitions - boot from second hd and copy needed files. Once you know win install 2 works by booting second hd - and every thing needed copied from win install 1, I personally would create a grub boot menu on first hd, chainload windows anb anything else bootable on any non-removable hd from there.
One last note - I personally prefer to work with a gpt partition tabel - last I was aware of win10 could use drives with gpt partition tabels but could only be installed to brives with a msdos partition tabel.