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Topic: option to set additional mkfs commands like DISABLE lazyinit

any way to pass these commands into gparted ?


other handy options would be setting the reserved space for ext4 ie) drop from the 5% default to 1%

also is there a way to queue the partition table creation without having gparted refresh every drive,
when ever you create a partition table ?

I work in 24 bay blocks when I am creating disks
and migrating system away from zfs to ext4 as sick of rebuilding kernel every update


thanks for the reply anyhow , I was after a way to que, doing 24 disks in 1 hit does not leave much IO for doing other tasks , I will just have to keep manually doing them disk after disk

how ever I did notice an issue with gparted + ext4 , it tries to format them with 64bit support but says its not enabled , end result is non 64 bit , but if I manually do them with mkfs.ext4 they default to 64 bit any how ?


Re: option to set additional mkfs commands like DISABLE lazyinit

At this time GParted provides no way to pass additional options to any file system specific commands that it runs, including the mkfs ones.

Also GParted can't queue creation of partition tables.  They always apply immediately.

You sound quite technically  savvy.  To achieve what you want you would have to work on the command line.