Topic: start on Mac no action happening

Topic: start on Mac no action happening
Hi, after selecting the Gparted as start up, the keyboard (bluetooth) seems not be active, cannot perform enter nor navigate at all with arrow buttons ,neither enter nor escape
Working with iMac End 2013, Intel Core I5
boot from new USB Flash Drive 64 GB,


Re: start on Mac no action happening

Please don't post an issue in multiple locations without waiting at least a few days for a response.  We are volunteers and multiple postings cause unnecessary extra work.

The two other locations I saw this posted are:

GParted Bug 791414 - after reboot no keyboard active

GParted Forum - start on Mac no action happening

I have closed the bug report and the other issue so that we can focus on a single report.


Re: start on Mac no action happening

Keyboard support is provided by the underlying GNU/Linux Operating System.  We base GParted Live on the Debian SID GNU/Linux operating system.

In order to determine if this issue is a problem with GParted Live or a problem with upstream Debian SID it would help greatly if you can try booting Debian Live on your computer to see if your bluetooth keyboard is supported.

If it is supported on Debian SID,  then we have a bug in GParted Live and we can start looking there.

If it is not supported on Debian SID, the it would help to create an upstream bug report so you could work with the Debian team on a resolution.

If you are in a rush then the short term solution is to try a different keyboard.