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Topic: Cannot reduce size of sda3

Basic structure:

  • sda1 - xfs - 14G

  • unallocated - 16M

  • sda2 - Linux swap - 972M 

  • unallocated - 15M

  • sda3 - xfs - 217G - 50G free

  • unallocated - 2M

Ultimate Goal:  Move 14G from sda3 to sda1.
Immediate problem:  Right-clicking on sda3 and selecting resize won't let me reduce it more than a trivial amount.  I have unmounting it and using the live CD version, but it did not matter either.


Re: Cannot reduce size of sda3


It happens that one can't shrink xfs, only grow it (see Features table in the GParted Help web page).
In order to overcome this problem, there are some "artifacts" in the web.
For example, you can backup the partition data, make a new partition in the position and size you want and restore data there.
I have no experience with xfs myself, so I couldn't give any better advice.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***