Topic: Disk Clean - Bootcamp - Deleted Partition - Fixable?

More than a week ago I ran the Bootcamp assistant in order to install Windows on my Mac.  After creating the USB, the computer rebooted, I selected the USB, and it proceeded to the windows installer. 

When I tried to select the partition Bootcamp created, it said it couldn't install and provided a reason.  I cannot recall but I think it was related to GPT.  I began googling for answers which said to delete the partition from windows installer, boot back to Mac, delete the partition, create a new partition using Mac, reboot to USB, and install Windows.  I tried this and it still wouldn't install.

I did more research and I found an article advising to do "disk clean".  Unfortunately this was the WRONG this to do as I can no longer boot back into my SSD Mac OS.  I'm able to boot into my original HD on the Mac and using Disk Drill I can see all my files which is great but I'd like to restore whatever disk clean did so I don't have to backup all my files, reinstall all my software, etc.

Is this something Gparted can resolve?


Re: Disk Clean - Bootcamp - Deleted Partition - Fixable?

Mac OS X uses a hybrid partition table.  See FAQ #21 - How can I fix missing or lost partitions on Intel-based Mac OS X?