Topic: Gparted and a glitch in Q4os operating system.

I am using Gparted to visualise the current setup of the partitions on my hard-disk and am trying to use the Label function to
put a name on the partition that houses the Q4os operating system. I'm using the latest iteration of Q4os  which is known as
'Scorpion'. The os is running like a dream - as, indeed, are all of the installed linuxes on my system - so I am puzzled and
vexed as to why such a simple operation as labeling is consistently returning an error message! I would have enclosed a
simple screen-shot of Gparted  and the error message itself but do not see how these are uploaded to this site! I will happily
supply these by private e-mail as any help would be appreciated.

Gary T.


Re: Gparted and a glitch in Q4os operating system.


Is the partition mounted?
To label a partition, it has to be unmounted. So you need to boot the system from some live medium leaving the partition unmounted.
The easiest solution is perhaps the GParted Live cd (or usb).

In the Help section of the GParted web site you can find the "Features" table, where are listed the supported filesystems for the partition labeling operation.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***