Topic: "Attempt Data Rescue" is freezing, I can't kill process

Hi !

First post, thanks for this forum !

My problem :

I tried to use GParted on Puppy Linux live USB to recover data from an external hard drive which happen to be unusable on windows for some reason of GPT Protective Partition.

When I launched "Attempt Data Rescue" a small confirmation window appeared to warn me about the duration of the process, which could take a very long time. The moment I clicked "OK", the 2 windows of GParted froze instantly. When I try to kill the process, I have a warning : "this may cause data to be lost".

I'm quite worried right now. I'm not a linux user so I'm not comfortable with it. If I should wait then i'll wait, but I'm not sure what is going with this process.

I have a screencap I don't know if it may be useful :


Thanks in advance to anyone who could try to help me (and please excuse me if sometimes my english looks strange, I'm not a native english speaker).


Re: "Attempt Data Rescue" is freezing, I can't kill process


The process was running fine, even though it was impossible to tell.

It says : "the disk scan by gpart did not find any recognizable file systems on this disk". Now I have a real problem...


Re: "Attempt Data Rescue" is freezing, I can't kill process

You might try TestDisk to discover and restore partition tables, or PhotoRec to restore files by scanning the entire disk surface looking for file types it recognizes.