Topic: Mouse Pointer Does Not Move

I am a new user to GParted Live.
When I boot GParted, it installs and runs; however, my mouse pointer will not move.
I am using the default settings.
I can navigate through the arrow keys and the tab key. but that I not an efficient way to use it.
As I move the mouse, I can see a mouse over effect with the item background changing slightly, but the black cursor stays in the upper left hand corner.

Also the graphical display window is in the upper left-hand corner over the other icons and cannot be moved.

I presume I have a configuration problem, but am not sure what needs to be changed.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Re: Mouse Pointer Does Not Move

You might try restarting the fluxbox window manager.

The keyboard commands are:

  • Ensure the cursor is on the desktop background.
    If you can't move the mouse cursor, then you might need to close the GParted window with Ctrl+Q.

  • Press the menu key to pop up the desktop menu dialog.
    The "menu" key is the key between the windows flag key and the right hand side Ctrl key.

  • Cursor down to fluxbox menu, cursor right to open the side menu, cursor down to Restart and press Enter key.

If this doesn't work, then you might try plugging in a USB mouse.


Re: Mouse Pointer Does Not Move

Gedake, thank you for the quick response.
I tried your suggestion, but when I pressed enter it did not restart.
I reloaded the software and selected the “Safe graphic settings, VGA=Normal” mode and the cursor worked without any problem.
I reloaded the software and selected “Force Video” to config manually.
I have a NVidia Quadro P4000 in my system.
I selected “nouveau.modeset=0 and nouveau.modeset=1” on two separate boots, and neither of these options would bring up any graphic display.
While the software appears to be fully functional using the Safe graphic settings, I would really prefer better video.
Do you have any other suggestions?


Re: Mouse Pointer Does Not Move

It is possible that your hardware will be better supported in a future release of Debian Live and consequently GParted Live.  You might try again when there is another release.