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Topic: [Solved] UEFI fails to detect live USB

Yes, I already read the FAQ and documentation.

I'm currently using dualboot on a 500GB SDD using Grub. My mainboard is an ASUS Z170

I have 350GB Windows NTFS, 20GB Root, 60GB Home and 24GB Swap. I wanted to downsize Linux a bit and up Windows.
So I made a bootable Gparted live USB using Tuxboot.

I go into the UEFI but it only displays the normal USB-Drive without an GParted partition. Booting from the USB-Drive takes me to a black screen with a blinking cursor and then straight back to the UEFI BIOS.


UPDATE: This time I used Rufus to make the live USB. And it worked! I really recommend this program!

UPDATE 2: I now resized everything successfully! Thanks for the help!


Re: [Solved] UEFI fails to detect live USB

Thank you for reporting back with how you solved the issue.

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