Topic: Network Config - Connecting To WiFi After Configuring NICs?

Using USB Live Media to boot ASUS Eee PC Netbook, which stopped working according to owner soon after she bought it.  Neither the BIOS or GParted can see the HD so it is likely bad.  I was hoping to take advantage of a couple of the utilities to take a screenshot showing issue then using Browser to mail to owner.

However, when I run Network Config, the utility sees both Eth0 and Wlan0 and I am successful in setting up WiFI NIC as DHCP.  However, how to I actually see router's SSID and connect to it.  I tried doing some command line work, but it required a command called aptitude which I guess is not part of the distribution.  That is used to install wpasupplicant which I assume is either a command line or GUI interface to connect to WiFi.

Is this right?  Is there a way to use just the built in tools to connect to wifi after running Network Config?

Thx in advance


Re: Network Config - Connecting To WiFi After Configuring NICs?

The easiest solution might be to connect an ethernet cable and use eth0.

The GParted Live image includes a screenshot tool (shown an as icon on the desktop).

See GParted Live manual for more information.