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Topic: Live Media CD does not even boot up...


just wanted to add the info that your live media does not work at all. It does not even boot up!


I tested on several desktops, and also burned the ISO 2 times. I added the screenshot so you maybe can look yourself.




Re: Live Media CD does not even boot up...

Did you verify the checksum of the downloaded ISO file? A broken download could never give a valid live medium. You can find the right checksum values in the Download page.

Furthermore, you can look at the GParted Live manual (Help web page).
The Appendix B gives "Tips on Booting GParted Live".

Another tip: the i-686 iso version is more universal, especially for older 686 computers.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


Re: Live Media CD does not even boot up...

The screen shot shows Input/Output errors, which means there is a hardware problem with either the physical CD/DVD media or the CD/DVD drive.