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Topic: Win8.1 won't boot on Macbook aftr partitioning another NTFS [SOLVED]


in short my Macbook runs Macos Sierra and Windows 8.1 and has a Data Partition. (besides the small recovery parts) all on one SSD.
It boots using rEFInd, so i can choose.
This Data Partition is an NTFS of 100GB.
I splitted it in two parts of 50GB.  So i can also install Win10.

Splitting and formatting the two new parts as NTFS, then i rebooted.
So i can boot into Macos.
I can not boot into Win8.1. It boots with Automatic Repair and after that it gives Error Code 0x000000e.
Then starting with win8.1 on USB, it will not repair anything because i saw a message Disk is locked.

What can i do next?

Thank you for any help on this.

Kind regards,


Re: Win8.1 won't boot on Macbook aftr partitioning another NTFS [SOLVED]

solved it by following this: http://superuser.com/questions/508026/w … n-efi-boot

now i am able to boot MacOS and Win8.1 again via the rEFInd boot manager.

So i am really happy again!!!

Now up to the next step installing win10 on the fresh partition. And hopefully this will not throw up a lot of issues. Keeping fingers crossed (typing will be difficult then...)



Re: Win8.1 won't boot on Macbook aftr partitioning another NTFS [SOLVED]

Thank you jjsjjs for reporting back with how you resolved the issue.  You can edit the initial post to prefix "SOLVED" in front of the title to help others searching for answers to similar problems.

This issue is also addressed in the GParted FAQ - How can I fix missing or lost partitions on Intel-based Mac OS X?

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Re: Win8.1 won't boot on Macbook aftr partitioning another NTFS [SOLVED]

Ok thanks.
Done it.

Also windows10 is running now smoothly.
Installed it without Bootcamp.

Note: that this MAC was already Partitioned by our IT guy using Bootcamp to use win8.1 and a Data partition.
And had also installed rEFINd, which i carefully killed somehow in time before.
As more and more customers are using win10 we also needed win10 on it. (we use this Macbook for testing purposes)

(First mistake was increasing the size of the Win8.1 partition within windows using Maigic Partitioning or something like it, this kills the ability to boot in MacOS ElCapitan. I had to restart with Command+R and could reinstall MacOS Sierra this way)
Jippeee! i could boot Mac again.

--reinstalled rEFInd
-So i splitted the data drive of 100GB in two equal halfs using gParted and formatted it.
-Then Win8.1 which was already on it would not start and started in some kind recovery mode, but recovery was impossible also using a recovery flashdrive.
-disabled SIP on this macbook, check the author's site of rEFInd for explanation on this.
-then had to use gDisk via the MacOS which i luckely still could boot and refresheg the Hybrid MBR with it
- I could boot Win8.1 again woohoo!
- then installed Win10 on one of the 50GB parts i created with a flashdrive
-used EasyUEFI to change the boot to Macos and restarted
-luckely rEFINd came up again
- now since i did not use Bootcamp, there is no possibility to install the correct drivers on Win10
- Found a program called Brigadier on SourceForge, this sees which Macbook you have and starts downloading the correct pkg from Apple
-rebooted into Macos again (because unzipping with 7zip within windows is a drama)
- used a little program which extract the pkg (just Google for it) (i also installed it on Macos by double clicking as first i did not know how to unpack it, but is probably not necessary)
- it unpacks the blablabla.DMG from the PKG
-then DOUBLE CLICK the DMG file
-copied the extracted files and folders from the DMG to USB stick and rebooted to win10 and installed them there perfectly

So now when choosing Windows in rEFInd i have to do it twice, because it will first ask which windows you want to boot, after choosing, choose the same windows icon again in rEFInd

that's it, piece of cake.....took me 2 nights and a day..........


Re: Win8.1 won't boot on Macbook aftr partitioning another NTFS [SOLVED]

Thank you very much for your detailed report above.
We hope this can be helpful for other people facing any similar problem.

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