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Topic: Got myself in a pickle

So a while ago I was trying to create a new partition (NTFS) for my games through disk manager. Well I'm pretty unfamiliar with the Disk Management tool, so I clicked "create dynamic disk", and it overwrites my entire MBR. So I immediately shut down, boot onto my Ubuntu livecd, and the whole thing is pretty screwed up. So I start panicking, but then I delete everything and run test disk. After a few minutes it restores everything. Boot into Windows, everything is OK. Boot into Debian Testing, it's all OK. So I am relieved. I open up gparted, and my Debian partition seems to be taking up the rest of the space on my hard drive. Used to be 200 gigabytes (not giving few), with an 8 gibibytes swap. Now they are sort of morphed into one. So I boot up the gparted, try to resize it, and it checks it ok, but resizefs crashes. No info, just crashes in the middle of the progress bar. Nothing corrupt though. How can I resize this guy and restore my swap? Btw I created this Gparted cd in mid July. This error is very similar to http://gparted-forum.surf4.info/viewtopic.php?id=17571


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It would help if you save the gparted_details.htm log file and post it in this thread.

Otherwise you might try the latest version of GParted Live (currently 0.26.1-5).

Be sure to backup all your data first, because data can be lost due to software bugs, hardware errors, or power failure.


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I fixed it! I ovetwrote e2fslibs and e2fsprogs with 1.43.3, Which was in the Debian Sid repo.


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Thank you jadenpete for reporting back with how you resolved the issue.  We will look into an updated GParted Live release again soon.