Topic: Corrupt hard drive.

I tried to install Linux Mint when I got this:

The installer has detected that the following disks have installed partitions

I checked Gparted:


Then tried to install Debian where I got a similar message as with Mint. Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Re: Corrupt hard drive.

The picture shows drive /dev/sdb which has no partitions on it.  I assume the message is regarding partitions that are likely on drive /dev/sda.

Linux permits installing on drives other than the /dev/sda, but you will need to use the install program to specify where you wish the distribution to be installed.


Re: Corrupt hard drive.

I reread that error message and it did mention /dev/sda.

Now when I start up my netbook, I get this message:

SMART Failure Detected on Hard Disk 4: TOSHIBA MK2555GSX-(S1)

Can Gparted detect and fix bad sectors?


Re: Corrupt hard drive.

To look at the SMART monitoring details I use a graphical program called GSmartControl, which is included on the GParted Live image.

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Re: Corrupt hard drive.

I can't connect to the Internet. I would send you screenshots and logs if I could. When I open the Network manager, It reads:

eth0  Link detected:no(RTL8101E/RTL8102E_PCI_Exp..|00:26:9e:18:a8:d3)
wlan0 Link detected:no(AR9285_Wireless_Network_A..|78:e4:00:01:bd:8a)


I tried both eth0 and wlan0 with dhcp, static, and ppoe, without good results. With static I just kept pressing enter assuming that the right numbers were there.  There's only one option, enter_shell, and I don't know what to do.


Re: Corrupt hard drive.

Based on post #3, it sounds like there is a hardware issue with at least one hard drive.

I had suggested GSmartControl as a graphical program to look more deeply into the issue.  It will not fix a hardware issue, but simply tell you more about it.