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Please, add a feature "defragment" xfs, f2fs, ext4, btrfs...

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Can you point us to reliable, maintained, free libre open source software (FLOSS) that performs defragmentation of the file systems you mention?

GParted is a graphical interface to the partitioning library and to file systems that are maintained by other projects.  We do not maintain the file system tools themselves.


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Defrag (and other Tools) would be great. A library is for example this one: e2fsprogs

It contains e4defrag which is documented eg. in the Ubuntu manpages. Unfortunately, I can not add a 2nd URL, therefore you have to google :-(

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Maybe I can send a 2nd link in an additional message:
http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/tru … rag.8.html


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Thank you Tom for the link to a defragmentation tool for the ext4 file system.