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Topic: [SOLVED] EFI partition support

I want have option : "Create EFI partition"  with GPT partition table

To create EFI partition exist 2 method:
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/EF … oned_disks

For me worked

ef00 in gdisk

However, for example Fedora installer was fussy and I created new EFI partition.
So I can not guarantee it will work with every Linux distribution.

However I see GParted have option esp,
so I can create Fat 32 and set esp flag.

I used for now Fedora EFI, and GParted show "Unknown partition".


Re: [SOLVED] EFI partition support

Creating an EFI Partition is already supported by GParted.  The steps to create a new EFI Partition are:

  1. Ensure the drive has a GUID Partition Table with View -> Device Information
    and look for Partition table: gpt.

  2. Select unallocated space on the drive for the new partition.

  3. Create a new FAT32 partition (say 256 MiB) using Partition -> New,
    choose New size (MiB): 256 and File system: fat32,
    and then click Add to queue the operation.

  4. Apply the operation with Edit -> Apply All Operations.

  5. Select the FAT32 partition that was just created.

  6. Choose Partition -> Manage Flags,
    set boot and esp flags,
    and click Close.

You can confirm that this is a EFI Partition with another partitioning tool called gdisk.

For example:

sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda

then check the output for Code EF00 on the fat32 partition.