Topic: Announcement: GParted 0.26.0 released!

GParted 0.26.0 was released on April 26, 2016.

This release adds read-only support for LUKS encrypted file systems.  GParted identifies these with the addition of "[Encrypted]" and can show the file system within an open LUKS encrypted mapping.  However this release can not open or close the LUKS encryption and can not modify the encrypted file system within.  Other changes include bug fixes and language translation updates.

Key changes in this release include:

  • Implement read-only LUKS support

  • Add progress bars to NTFS, XFS, and EXT2/3/4 file system copy methods

  • Fix operations sometimes fail with: No such file or directory

The release notes list all important changes.

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Re: Announcement: GParted 0.26.0 released!

Just downloaded it an updated my systems at work and home smile
also signed up to your forums and joined your irc channel been a user for a long time