Topic: Installation of Ununtu 14 alongside winxp

Dear Mr./Mrs.
I want to install Ununtu 14 alongside winxp. For this I understand that I need to create partition for Ubuntu using Gparted. I have tried to do it few years ago and may caused a problem. Currently it shows that I have, in addition to /dev/sda1 (74GB), an unallocated partition of 10MiB!. I cannot resize the partition and I do not know how to attach a picture to show the situation. I have 15.5GB free on my hard drive.
Please help.


Re: Installation of Ununtu 14 alongside winxp

You can't resize an unallocated space. You can resize partitions before or after to take this unallocated disk space.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***