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Topic: [closed] Resizing Main/root/active partitions in OS with reboot

I recall having this feature in some windows partition manager. When the user made changes like resizing the main/active partition in the partition manager while the OS was running, the partition manager then asked to reboot the OS. Stayed in the ram or somewhere and did the changes before the OS was booted and  when finished booted the OS again.


Re: [closed] Resizing Main/root/active partitions in OS with reboot

There is a lot not specified in this feature request.  Hopefully the following points will cover most of the possible requests you might be making.

1) GParted is a Linux application and not a Windows application so can't run on Windows.  GParted will never be ported to Windows as it depends on a lot of Linux only commands and libraries.

2) It is possible to run the GParted application directly on your Linux desktop without rebooting it at all.  You don't have to reboot the GParted Live CD (however it might be required to resize the root file system, depending on it's type, etc).
2.1) With GParted 0.17.0 and later (and at least Linux kernel 3.6 and libparted 3.2) some file systems can be resized while mounted.  See the GParted Features page.  Look for the double ticks in the table.