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Topic: [closed] Imprudent behaviour on Extended Partitions

I also want to point out that I regard a behaviour of GParted as false concerning dimensioning of extended partitions.

Current practice is that an Extended Partition gets dimensioned to end with the last allocated Logical Partion. In that it is even *shortened* if you bring the table along from other OS like e.g. Windows (which is extending Extended Partitions to their maximum possible length) and might contain a EP with unused space.

There is a huge problem with such shortened EP as they tend to misfit any attempts to allocate more LP in them! So you unnecessarily have to extend the EP again before you can allocate another LP! Nonsense in my eyes, so I must admit WIndows' behaviour has some advantages. What makes the problem an anger to many is that you cannot even extend the EP while operating in a hosting environment that claims that partition (so EP is block for length modifications). Remember: all you wanted is to add an innocent LP to your unallocated drive space. Now why is such a thing impossible for the less skilled user? Only remedy is to start from a boot disk.

- do not shorten dimensions of Extended Partitions (unless requested)!
- offer a button or function to grow space for an Extended Partition to maximum unallocated following space


Re: [closed] Imprudent behaviour on Extended Partitions

Using the latest version of GParted, can you provide a list of steps whereby this "shortened" extended partition is created?

Whenever I create an extended partition in unallocated space, the extended partition defaults to using all of the unallocated space.

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Re: [closed] Imprudent behaviour on Extended Partitions

I'll give it a try when I find time, but I have no reason to doubt your experience.
I had my bad xp several times in the past and the latest version I was using was 0.11.
Perhaps you should extend your test by adding one or two logical partitions, close the table and reopen it (maybe with a restart of GParted).


Re: [closed] Imprudent behaviour on Extended Partitions

I have many logical partitions inside an extended partition.  Whenever I have added a logical partition, the extended partition has not changed.

Your steps to reproduce the problem are required as the problem does not occur for me.