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Topic: [SOLVED] Bootable USB image, why can't you do it for me?

Really guys, is it so hard to be able to offer a USB drive image of gparted?  Debian live team was able to do it, look here:

http://live.debian.net/cdimage/release/ … 6/usb-hdd/

You have created a live partitioning tool, and it works very well.  Certainly it can't be any more difficult to create a disk image version as well.

One thing is for sure though, I am very careful about not installing any 'use-only-once' software and cluttering up my system with tools which may or may not work.  Believe me, I've done that before.  Ubuntu has the same mentality with their install images.  Their tools were broken and now I just install Ubuntu from ISO in qemu instead before moving I netcat the file to my minimalist system.  Every now and then, I need to resize the partitions and I run across this problem frequently.

So I ask why did you, as a team, decide to create extra work for the multitudes out there when you could have done that conversion for us (only once) and make everybody's lives easier.  The maintenance of documentation is easier too.  Yeah, I can understand Ubuntu doing something crazy because they are a huge organization where ideas and change are bungled in bureaucracy, whims of management, and politics.  But you're such a small group that has great potential to make it easier for the users and see the world from our perspective.  Please consider improving your product to be more ready-to-use and make your product more competitive with other options.


(Please accept my apologies for the disposable e-mail address I registered under.  A couple years ago, I posted a bug report with Debian and the spam that I started getting just a couple hours later eventually destroyed my e-mail address... Never again.  For my direct contact, go to my website timothylegg.com)


Re: [SOLVED] Bootable USB image, why can't you do it for me?

Tim in ND, can you point us to the instructions on how to create such an image, and also how to install it on USB?


Re: [SOLVED] Bootable USB image, why can't you do it for me?

Yeah, it's actually on the website.


They want us (the users) to convert to a USB image instead of providing the image for us to download.

Right now, I'm beginning to resize the partition in qemu using the ISO image (requires massive hard disk space and time).  After that I'll dd the image onto the devices storage.


Re: [SOLVED] Bootable USB image, why can't you do it for me?

My apologies Tim in ND as I was not clear in my question.  I was wondering what the directions were for creating the Debian USB image in the link in your first post.  Also how to install the debian image on a USB drive.