Topic: Convert partition start from 63 to 1M

I've had some occassions to need to take a disk that was originally setup with the partition starting at sector 63 to  1M for the setup with grub2. Sometimes there is not enought room for the image  part   of the grub2  setup. If I use gparted and put 1M before, it ends up making the partiition have 2M start instead of just 1M. I can then resize again to get the 1M, but is there a way to get it to just move from 63 sectors to the 1M in a single process.


Re: Convert partition start from 63 to 1M

Thank you for your interest in GParted.

Currently, the steps you performed (i.e., two moves) are the only way to re-align the partition from starting sector 63 to 2048.

I recall this request being raised at another time, perhaps in the feature request forum.

Recent versions of GParted default to MiB alignment.