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Topic: [SOLVED] having more information on the ongoing process

Some more information on the ongoing jobs would be nice.
Probably an estimate of the finish time as well.

regards, hhh


Re: [SOLVED] having more information on the ongoing process

which version do you use? We provide a lot of details in the operationdetails. The details of the current process are still a bit difficult to get, but there are some plans.
As long as we use commandline tools it will be very hard to show progressbar in the GUI.


Re: [SOLVED] having more information on the ongoing process

Four Years had gone and no enhancement happened. There are so usefull features and handling in GParted, but the failing progression display is a knockout criteria. The Information "it can take a long time" seems to be a joke. An hour, a day, a week, a year, a century ??? When should I give up the partition and accept, that the Prog is hanging. Other Progs are able to get information about the partition size and can calculate the expected time. A tool I use must communicating with me and telling me its status. A none progressing process for minutes at the same point ore percent-count tells me: game over, an increasing: be patient. So I was not and lost my partition.

hope for solution


Re: [SOLVED] having more information on the ongoing process

There is a bug report requesting improved progress indicators for the e2fsck and resize2fs.
Bug #467925 - gparted: add progress bar during operation

Unfortunately many commands used by GParted do not provide progress indicators.

As with all bug reports and feature requests, each of us has only so much time that we can spend on the project.  All development work is done on a volunteer basis.  Perhaps you would consider developing a patch to address this feature request?