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Topic: [closed] merging partition wanted

feature asked by GaiaX11, from irc :

I tried to merge two partitions (C and D) in my HD using gparted, but noticed that the program don't have this feature.

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Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

LarryT wrote:

feature asked by GaiaX11, from irc :

I tried to merge two partitions (C and D) in my HD using gparted, but noticed that the program don't have this feature.

Hi and thanks for a great product big_smile
is it any plans for a merging feature in Gparted, it should be really nice to know if it will be implemented ?

Best Regards /Zteam


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

can you tell me a bit more about this merging? What do you expect?
What if both filesystems contain file 'A'? etc....


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

I think you should inform the user about that and give him the following options:

1. Cancel the operation.
2. Rename all files with the same filename
3. Create a new map for the "double-files" and put them there

But of course this is just suggestions, I don't what tools Gparted is using and how hard or easy it is to rename files and create directory to the filesystems smile


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

well, shouldn't be too hard to implement, we put it somewhere on the TODO wink

btw, do you think lots of people actually use/need features like these? I for one have never needed 'merge'. (just interested)

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Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

I must admit I have never used it myself either.
But this thread did surely had lots of views so I think it's a wanted feature?
Maybe a poll about it could tell us how many here think it's useful? smile


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

Zteam wrote:

I must admit I have never used it myself either.
But this thread did surely had lots of views so I think it's a wanted feature?

I second that smile  (just needed it)

Could also be realized like this (see above): merged partition becomes a directory.



Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

There is also another way of merging,
to merge 2 partitions select the first partition, that should be enlarged.
select the second partitions that will be used, unneeded to say it have to reside next to the first,
and copy the content of the first partition  in an named directory on the first partition.

That is the way like they did it in Part...Mag...7.0

after that the search in the files for references on former "H:" and rename it to "G:\old_H"

btw i need it too.


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

2 cents... merging partitions may seem needless... until that one day comes along and your staring at your partition list going, man i wish i could just merge those 2 partitions....I've used it back when i used partition m@g!c (thats probably a swear word in this forum) but Gparted takes the cake now, I love it. Just if ya can, add partition merge and you got yourself a champion


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

If there is enough free space in the 1st partition to get all the content of the 2nd partition, that's right.

It sounds good, but I think there would be some functional problems, mainly in w!n installations. The real problems have to do not with the merging itself, but with the "side effects":

A problem that might occur is the limit of the filename path of 260 characters in the w!n filesystems. Adding another step in the path could make some files unusable.

What would happen with paths and disk names (D:, E:, F: etc) in the w!n registry and the installed software paths and files? Can such a function be smart enough to adjust all these points? Perhaps yes, but what if special administrator rights are needed to perform such tasks? I expect more problems with v!st@. So, I'm afraid that users without experience would be forced to reinstall some of their software. So, I think that users could merge w!n partitions at their own risk tongue

With Linux partitions, I would expect far fewer problems that can be arranged by the configuration files.

But a general question is what  happens if the 2 partitions to merge have not the same filesystem, or what happens if the new merged partition falls outside the filesystem limits (i.e. maximum size of a FAT partition, long filenames, unicode character names ... ). The user must be aware of the possible issues and the solutions applied by the program.

A final issue: If the 1st partition can't contain all the 2nd one's files, the merging can be done by steps, but this would be perhaps very slow, as it happens sometimes with slight partition moving.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

It's a great feature. I vote for it!

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Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

Hi all, I'm new here, and new to GParted, too! big_smile Thank you for such a really cool product!

Yeah, I also vote for this feature! I have 3 partitions on my HDD, and need to merge 2 of them... Agreed with fk at #7, just put all merged files on a directory, with the exact structure.

If the 2 (wanna be) merged partitions were having a different filesystem, let the user choose which one to use on the newly merged partition. And remind user for such consequences. This would be much acceptable and easy to understand, even by newbie like me smile

Wow, can't wait to see this!

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Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

Aye! I really wanted this today:) Would have saved me alot of moving/deleting/resizing partitions.
But I think its a great program even without this feature.

There is no "Thank you forum" so I just wanna say if any devs read this: "Thanks for a wonderful program, it has saved me alot of time in my windoze ->  linux convertion and I think I'll always remember it as my first  new ũbertool in the linux world"


Re: [closed] merging partition wanted

Merging would be nice. I have a new computer which came with Vista and a Recover partition. I slashed the Vista partition and installed Linux (ext3), but Vista is still in the first order, Recover is the second partition in line, Ubuntu is the third, then the swap. I would like to, after deleting the Vista and Recover partitions, merge them into the Ubuntu partition and make the Ubuntu partition the first in line.