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Just finished installing Freespire on a ReiserFS partition.

All went well, however there's one nagging thing that I can't seem to solve.  And that is, every time I boot into Freespire and then out to re-enter XP, I'm blasted with "Cannot Load Operating System" (or something like that).  So, I insert the 'Freespire' CD, run 'QParted' and much to my amazement, find that the Linux partition has become the bootable (active) partition.  I reset the flag so that the NTFS is the bootable partition and everything works great.  Until of course, I boot into 'Freespire' and the cycle begins again.

I've searched and read through all the pertinent threads in the Freespire forums and have determined one thing; I have no idea what it could be.  The HDD has two primary partitions, one with NTFS and the other with ReiserFS.  I was wondering if maybe I should set the Reiser partition to logical instead of primary.  But then again, maybe it's a problem with where Grub is installed.  I believe I put Grub on 'hda2' and I did just as they instructed with the freespire.bin and boot.ini files.

I realize this may be a question for the Freespire folks, but they're extremely slow in approving membership and I haven't yet (24 hours later) recieved my login instructions.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!



Re: Boot Flag changes

QParted? freespire?

what has all this to do with gparted?


Re: Boot Flag changes

Thanks for the reply.  Seems I've made a small error.  I called it Qparted when in fact it is Gparted.  My bad.  I guess if I had to blame it on something it would be sleep deprivation in trying to solve the problem.

So, I guess it has everything to do with Gparted and nothing to do with Qparted, whatever that is.

Gparted 2.5 is bundled with Freespire 1.0 and I was using it to set the boot flag (please refer to my previous post) on the partition.  My problem seems to be that the boot flag doesn't remain on the NTFS partition after booting to the ReiserFS partition.

I was hoping someone at this forum would know if it was a Gparted issue and if it wasn't, know (from past experience) where I could turn to get help.

As I stated in my previous post, no one at the freespire forum has responded with my login information.  So, I guess one could call this a spillover.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks again.



Re: Boot Flag changes

hmmz.. strange, you are using an old version of gparted (the latest is 0.3.1) but that shouldn't make a difference in this case.
i know for a fact that gparted is not in the habit of modifying flags by itself, so your problem is most likely Freespire-related on which i can't give you any sensible advice.