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I have used gparted in past with success, but this default HD has me a bit confused. In XP I was able to create extended with logicals and explore Linux to my hearts content, but win 7 HD configuration bit of enigma. Or maybe it just my being 80 years old.
What I am looking at are 3 primary partitions, in NTFS. C drive is 286.59 GB, one is1.46 GB (recovery) and other is 10.03 listed as just primary.
I know my explanation lacks clarity, but short of attaching a picture I am at a total loss.
Can I create a extended with logicals and if so point me to a ready resource if there is one. its 64 bit with 4 MB RAM if that helps
Sorry for my challenges


Re: New laptop partitioning challenge

If you have unallocated space on your hard drive, with GParted you can select this space, create an extended partition, and then create logical partitions inside the extended partition.  Please note that an MSDOS partition table supports a maximum of 4 primary partitions, or 3 primary partitions plus 1 extended partition.

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Re: New laptop partitioning challenge

I appreciate your response and I owe the forum a bit more information before I proceed and perhaps someone will give me more insight based on this additional
information. This is what gparted shows:
Partition        File        Label             Size           Used             Unused
unallocated                                      1.00MiB
sda1              NTFS    System           1.46 GiB     500.25 MiB    999.75 Boot
sda2              NTFS   TI105838WOG 286.59GiB  37.94 GiB      248.65 GiB
sda3              NTFS   HDD Recovery  10.03 GiB    9.44 GiB       610.43 MiB Hidden

I am in hopes based on this additional information either gedakc or someone else will provide a bit more in-depth
Thanks again
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One last question and I ask some real specifics based on my comprehension challenges, because I already suffered a recovery based on something
dumb I did:lol:
So assuming I shrink sda2 and now have 150 GiB unallocated, then I create an extended of that existing 150 my primary reason being creating 4 logical
partitions. Does it at that point make in real difference if swap is at beginning or end? Finally could someone comment on that recovery and hidden? I know
the why of recovery, but not the hidden.



Re: New laptop partitioning challenge

From the information you provided, it appears that your hard drive is fully allocated to the existing partitions.

If you wish to create new partitions you would need to shrink at last one existing partition that has some free space within the partition.