Topic: NTFS Volume size


I've got the NTFS volume size error. How to I find my pbr (for sda3 if it matters) and copy it onto the USB I'm running GParted Live on? I think once I can get it onto there, I can finish the edit myself. Once I've done that, I'm not sure how to copy the pbr back onto the HD with the broken partition. Thanks for your help big_smile


Re: NTFS Volume size

The NTFS PBR is contained in the first sector of the partition.

You can view the partition table with the following command:

fdisk -l -u

Where one of the options is a lower case "L" and not the number one.

Then look up the starting sector of the partition (sda3 as you mentioned).

Please note that if you are performing the edit operation yourself, then there is no need to copy the PBR file to a USB flash drive.  That step is only necessary to upload the file to this forum.

Following is a tutorial that will lead you through the steps.
Proposition of a tutorial for the NTFS size bug - NOT YET VALIDATED