Topic: lack of progress meter.

Hello, i am a long time linux user who is rather annoyed by the behavior of your application.  Right now, I could be in a car going to my destination but instead i am waiting for your application (which may or may not be frozen) to finish the resizing operation i have specifed for it.  Why is this happening you may ask.  The answer is simple...


How the hell did you come to this design decision.  Did you sit down with some microsoft developers and caught their disease of idiocy?

I wonder.

So right now i am stuck, i have no idea how much of the resizing operation is complete.  how long it has taken, how much longer it is going to take or if it is still going.  I am supposed to be going to a meeting but of course i have no idea when i can leave as your design decision is costing me time i dont have time to spare, should you have designed it differently i would at least have a rough idea of how long i must sit in one place while your application moves my data from one part of the hard drive to another.

I appreciate the complexities of developing software however i do not see why a simple progress meter with some real (updated at least every 5 second) information as to the inner workings of what is going on (ie what sectors are being moved or something) would make me as a user a lot happier, and not left to wonder if the linux user base as succumbed to the same dumb shit the rest of the universe is doing while they are busy updating their facebooks pages and hyping cloud computing.

I am very annoyed that i have no idea if your application is done, frozen or otherwise and by such a design decision you have put 35 gigabytes of my data at risk.

please smell the coffee. linux will get no where if the developers make the same stupid user interface decisions everyone else does.  No one will have a reason to use linux because they get the same stupid interface (non-considerate) to the user as they do on the windoze boxes.

I am sorry to insult your work, but I feel that should i not say something, someone else wont be moviated to .

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Re: lack of progress meter.

Dear dataangel,

You are not the first to ask for this. I understand your feelings. It can be really stressing to not know if the operation will come to end 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days later. The problem is that this comes from the various software tools that perform the specific tasks (resize or move partitions). For example, ntfsresize performs operations on the ntfs file system; ntfs is a software project that has nothing to do with GParted, other than the fact that GParted makes use of it.

We hope that the developers of those other projects would considerate such a feature.

Thank you for the support to the GParted project!

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***