Topic: Error launching GParted

Hi all

I am very new to this kind of thing, so please be gentle big_smile

Im running Windows 7 64bit, and when I try to boot the cd i get an error, ending in this:

"Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 29158"
how do I solve this? and what is it exactly? tongue

thanks in advance.


Re: Error launching GParted

Which version of GParted are you using on which Live CD?


Re: Error launching GParted

I'm using the GParted Live 0.5.2-11.iso file. I've burned it with Nero Burning Rom on the slowest burn speed available.


Re: Error launching GParted

Could you please test to boot the same GParted live CD on different machine?
By doing this, we can isolate the problem is on the hardware or the software.



Re: Error launching GParted

Does the other machine have to be a Windows 7 machine aswell? 'Cause I only have an XP pc and a Vista laptop.



Re: Error launching GParted

The other machine could certainly be an XP pc or a Vista laptop, especially if these computers have different hardware.


Re: Error launching GParted

Hi Daanvl,
I believe this is really a kernel/hardware support issue (Especially it's on some specific hardware), or the compatibility of CD and CD drive.
Here I just did a test with a CD, GParted live 0.5.2-11, on Acer Veriton M670. It boots into X about 62 secs then I can start to use GParted.
Maybe with the next kernel update it will be better.