Topic: [closed] Checksum Errors

I checked every partition on my hard drive using gparted with no errors found.
Next I checked them using Partition Magic with many checksum errors identified.
Would it be possible to include this test into gparted?


Re: [closed] Checksum Errors

GParted uses Free Open Source Software file system tools to check file systems.

The other software you mentioned is commercial and does not freely share source code with the world.  As such we do now know if these other checks are valid, invalid, or how these checks are performed.

If you know the technical details of how to perform said checks, then perhaps you could work with one of the FOSS providers of file system tools to enhance the software.


Re: [closed] Checksum Errors

As far as I know, Partition Magic is discontinued and unsupporterd by symanatec, since last year. This means that is something goes wrong, it can't be fixed.

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