Topic: [closed] auto-unmount and auto-remount

thinking in the need of unmount partitions previously to modify them with GParted, i wondered if it were possible to make GParted unmount it, do the job we wish on those partitions, and re-mount them again, automatically

Could it be possible?


Re: [closed] auto-unmount and auto-remount

It would be very difficult for an application to determine if it is safe to unmount a partition.  In some situations, the application would never be able to unmount the partition, such as the root "/" partition.  The "/" partition is crucial to the running of the operating system.

This is one of the main reasons for using a LiveCD when re-partitioning.  The LiveCD has its own operating system, and does not mount any of the hard drive partitions.

You can find the GParted liveCD, which is graciously maintained by Steven Shiau, at: