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Topic: [closed] UFS resizing

This is by far the best all around tool for HD maintenance I have ever used and I do use it quite frequently... Thanks for all your great work!!!

Lately I have been doing a lot of work on FreeBSD systems formated with UFS (GPT and soft updates) and I really need a clean and effective way to resize partitions (slices). I know that GParted will recognize the File System but the support pretty much ends there. Would it be possible to add resizing, create, and delete functionality?



Re: [closed] UFS resizing

Hi Jeff,

Do you know of any existing GNU/Linux libraries or command line programs that perform tasks such as resizing UFS file systems?  If so then perhaps this functionality can be added.

GParted is a graphical front-end to parted and many other file system tools.  As such, it does not contain the code for the actual resize operation.  Instead it calls either libparted, or other file system tools to perform the operation.

Curtis Gedak


Re: [closed] UFS resizing

Actually the only tools currently available are BSD GPT(8) which is still in development and growfs(8) which only increases the FS partition inside a slice.

I have seen many requests and searches for a tool that will allow resizing of slices and resizing of partitions but no one seems to have made one.

I have often toyed around with the idea of making one myself, I would just need to find more technical information on the UFS / GPT structures. If anyone can provide me with that information (or an internet source) I would be willing to write the library and then the GUI experts could incorporate it into GParted.



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Google is often a wonderful tool for finding reference information such as UFS / GPT structures ;-)

A quick search yielded the following:

Best wishes should you decide to tackle resizing UFS.