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Topic: [SOLVED] Searching the forum

Folks, I can't get a search of this forum to return any results.  I've tried in Firefox 1.5.x and IE 6.0.x, both as a guest and a user.  Even a search on the word "the" returns nothing...

Any ideas?

I use this program regularly... Thanks!

P.S. I just tried searching this forum using Google to point at the domain-- that works.


Re: [SOLVED] Searching the forum

I just tried it with firefox- on linux and windows. It worked with internet explorer in windows also. It works from my windows computer at work too. I'm sure it's something simple on your end. The forums work the way they should.


Re: [SOLVED] Searching the forum

Thanks... works now.

I can't search for anything with 2 letters or less ("xp"), but that is probably a limitation of the search engine.