Topic: how I install?

I have downloaded the setup file but didn't find setup.exe? How I install gparted?


Re: how I install?

it appears you are a windows user big_smile

You should download the livecd iso and burn it to a cd. This cd will boot into a small environment which will start gparted.

have fun smile


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I have burned gparted-livecd-0.3-1.iso. Now how can I run gparted. tell me in detail plzz


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i'm not going to tell you in detail, you have to do some work for yourself.
Start reading the docs at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/documentation.php and only ask specific questions.



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I'll have install Ubuntu 6.06 LTS - Dapper Drake.
Command ./configure executes normally.
When I write make:
root@user-desktop:/home/user/Desktop/gparted-0.3.1# make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
what i must write to correct install?


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it's much better if you just download the livecd instead, it's only 30Mib and will save you a lot of problems.


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On my job i must mange partitions no many HDD's. For that i have VIPoweER external Mobile Rack. I can't reboot my computer avery time, when users brings my their HDD's.


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makes sense, ok let's try to get you a local installation of gparted smile

1.can you send us the output of configure ?
2. why don't you use a binary package, instead of compiling from source?


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1. The configure information was sended on yours E-mail.
2. It is a lot of reasons: from simple " I want ":) up to more complex. Our manager the overestimated requirements on safety. We even .rar or .zip archives cannot download, only from its sanction. To me  binary package will not be downloaded. Because i have the novel with its daughter smile


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thnx, please don't send this kind of stuff through email in the future. The error is clear:
checking for XML::Parser... configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool

You need XML::Parser perl module... And please, don't start asking me where to find it and how to install it etc.. etc.. This is all different vor the various distros and is something that should be resolved by any decent packagemanagementsystem.

Sorry, but then you have to talk to your boss, also, i don't understand all this, you managed to download the gparted tarball which is compressed and hence a binary package...


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I have talked to the boss. And I managed to establish binary package and all necessary libraries. Thanks that have spent your time for me. :-)


Re: how I install?

viva la boss tongue
have fun smile