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I'm new here and hopefully haven't posted something that's been posted before (did a search beforehand but couldn't find anything). I've got a portable hard disk (57GB) which originally had 1 partition but set up another (10GB) for use with Freespire using GParted. I then decided I didn't want this partition any more so I used GParted again to remove the partition and then use the unallocated space to refill the main one.

It all seemed to work and the size was reported as 57GB (the correct size) but on rebooting and entering Windows XP, the reported disk size is 47GB (10GB less as per the size I partitioned first time around). I've looked at the drive within Disk Management which, strangely enough, reports it as 57GB.

Other than this, the primart partition is healthy. Is there any tips/tricks you know to get this missing space back?



Re: Misreported size

Are you sure the size as reported by gparted is 57 GiB? My experience with windows is limited so i have no idea why it would still see the disk as 47GiB.


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Checked the disk with GParted and it definitely says it 57GB! Bizarre eh?


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i think the partition got resized, but the filesystem on it wasn't. Best thing to do is to start gparted, shrink to partition with 100 MiB and then grow it again to full. Most likely this will solve your problems.

In any case, please save the operationdetails and send them to us, so we can have a look at this in more detail.