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Topic: [SOLVED] Recover NTFS partition.


This time I really screwed it up.
I had two NTFS partitions

1. 40GB (winxp)
2. 10GB (formatted and empty)

I accidently copied the empty partition to the WinXP partition and lost my OS (i meant to join them)
Is there any chance to recover it?
No data has been written to the 40GB partition after that.


P.S. Never hassle with your partitions if you are any tired or in a hurry big_smile


Re: [SOLVED] Recover NTFS partition.

hmmz, not sure. For copy of ntfs we use ntfsclone. I don't know how it behaves in situations like yours. Please check out http://www.linux-ntfs.org/ (faqs and forums) on information on how to recover from this.

Please keep us updated about your research. thnx!

One question, how can you 'accidently' do something like this?


Re: [SOLVED] Recover NTFS partition.

Thanks for your reply!

Somehow i managed to get my files back by running xp's chkdisk + fixboot and ntfsfix in linux for a couple of times... XP wont boot but fortunately I can take a backup of my files..