Topic: partition conversion

I'm on mdv 2006 free. I have killed my windows partition by inadvertance. I would like to restore windows (as a secondary OS on my PC). Then, I cannot create NTFS partition, nor convert existing partition to NTFS partition because function is inactive (for example FAT 32 is active). Thank you for you help.


Re: partition conversion

most likely you are using an old version of gparted or not all the plugins are installed. You are advised to download the latest gparted livecd (0.3-1) and use that instead.

Also, what exactly do you want to do? At this moment we support 'format', but not 'conversion'. The difference is that the former will destroy all data on the filesystem and the latter won't. So be carefull with whatever you're doing.



Re: partition conversion

Thanks. There is no risk for the moment. In fact, I have created an empty FAT32 partition. I would like now to convert it to NTFS for windows re-installation. I took care to burn my data before all these manipulations. I will try with updated livecd. Thanks again.