Topic: Creation of ext4 filesystems - still 32bit for FS <8TiB?

The release notes for GParted 0.26.1 from June 13, 2016 contain the following sentence

This release of GParted ensures creation of 32bit ext4 partitions
when the size is less than 16 TiB.

Is this still the case by default in GParted 1.1.0-1?

I created an ext4 filesystem on a 8TB drive and I could swear I could see for a split-second the text '64bit' in the command line, although I'd definitely prefer the 32bit format.

Is there probably a way to verify if the filesystem is 32 or 64 bit?


Re: Creation of ext4 filesystems - still 32bit for FS <8TiB?

Yes, GParted still explicitly excludes the 64bit option on ext4 file systems it creates when they are smaller than 16 TiB.  In such cases this is the command line that is used ("^" means disable feature):

mkfs.ext4 -F -O ^64bit -L '$LABEL' '/dev/$PTN'

https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gparted/ … t2.cc#L278

You can check for the 64bit feature in an ext4 file system like this:

tune2fs -l /dev/$PTN | grep features

The printed line will only include "64bit" if the file system has the 64bit feature enabled.