Topic: SAS Drives Gparted Not Reconizing them

I have a Computer I am setting up for a NAS in our house.  I purchased 4 SAS drives, aqnd adapters to go SAS to SATA.  These arwe are hooked to an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard, with a new PSU.  I curently have Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia Cinnamon installed on SSD I have put in there, it fires up the operating system just fine, but when I open Gparted or Disks, it only sees the SSD the Operating System is on.

Is this Gparted Problem or maybe the way the way these SAS drive are formatted, Gparted cannot use?  Any help would be helpful here.


Re: SAS Drives Gparted Not Reconizing them

I had no idea if SAS drives can be plugged into SATA ports.  I have spent 2 minutes googling this.

SAS drives can't be plugged into SATA ports [1].  This is hardware issue, not a GParted issue or drive format issue.

The first SAS drive to SATA connector adapter I found [2] said "Note: The SATA controller must support SAS drives".  You need to find out if your motherboard's SATA controller supports SAS drives.

[1]  Can SAS drives work on a SATA motherboard
[2]  Amazon StarTech.com SAS729PW18 18 Inch SAS 29 Pin to SATA Cable with LP4 Power, 18 Inch SAS 29 Pin to SATA Cable, 18 Inch SFF 8482 to SATA