Topic: Lost Partition

I have been using gparted for many years without any problems until now.

I have dual boot system Win 10/Ubuntu, and it looks like I kinda lost my Windows drive.  When I boot with gparted my Windows 10 drive (/dev/sda2) Has a yellow exclamation point next to it. 

When I select information I see "Unable to read the contents of the file system!" I can however mount the drive via the command line, and all the files appear to be there.  I have opened a couple of files.  gparted is able to detect another larger NTFS partition fine.

This happened after I re-partitioned an external drive that I used to clone my internal drive.  Windows could not use the external drive because there was a drive signature collision.  I changed the UUID of my external drive, and after I did that windows will not boot nor can I see my OS drive when I attempt to use a Windows recover disk.

When I look in /dev/disk/by-uuid all of the partitions on /dev/sda have unique ids.  I am not sure why Windows will not boot I assume it is the same reason gparted can not see my OS partition (/dev/sda2) but I do not see a reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Re: Lost Partition

You might try to restore the ability to boot for Windows.  The GParted FAQ includes how to do this for earlier versions of Windows and an Internet search should yield the instructions for Windows 10.

I believe that Windows uses the UUID in its "Genuine Windows" authentication process (Digital Restrictions Management) so changing the UUID can break Windows and require fixing.