Topic: Can‘t add unallocated space

After additional installation of Ubuntu18 (/dev/sda9) on my machine (Windows10 /dev/sda4 and  Ubuntu16  /dev/sda6
[img]=/home/drgb/Schreibtisch/Problem GParted/pict1.png[/img]
and by downsizing the partition of Ub16 I recieved a great unallocated space
[img]/home/drgb/Schreibtisch/Problem GParted/pict2.png[/img].
My intention was to grow the partition of Ub18 with this unallocated space. However I don't find to do so.
GParted doesn't allow me to grow the partition of /dev/sda9  adding the unallocated space into the direction of the unallocated space ( no arrow to the left side)
[img]/home/drgb/Schreibtisch/Problem GParted/pict3.png[/img] .

I hope someone can help me, I am low experienced.
Thanks for any help.


Re: Can‘t add unallocated space

Please see thead [solved] put screenshot into post? for how to add images to posts.