Topic: cant resize linux partition

I wanted to make more space for my Linux install while i dual linux mint and windows 10
but I cant seem to do that what i have tried is live booting and opening gparted but it wont let me change the size of the partition
please help me with how I can achive this

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Re: cant resize linux partition

Partitions can only be grown when there is free space adjacent to it.  You need to move other partitions first.

Implement either suggestion 1, suggestion 2 or both suggestion 1 & 2.

Suggestion 1: Move sda8 (WINRE_DRV) to the right as much as possible.

Suggestion 2: Move sda4 (grub2 core.img), sda6 (linux-swap) and sda7 (ntfs LENOVO) to the left as much as possible.

Then you will be able to grow sda10 (ext4).

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