Topic: Unused Space larger than Drive?


I'm using Oracle VM VirtualBox. I resized my virtual hard drive using the vboxmanage command but when I run GParted the unused space on the partition is larger than the drive so there is no way to allocate it, totally confused.

I've included a GParted screenshot. Any help would be appreciated.





Re: Unused Space larger than Drive?

The details in the GParted screen shot are entirely consistent.

Run these commands in the Virtial Box guest to report the size of the virtual hard drive according to the guest kernel.  (/sys/block/sda/size reports in multiples of 512 bytes):

cat /sys/block/sda/size
sudo parted /dev/sda print

If you resized the the virtual hard drive while the guest is running and you don't want to reboot then this Server Fault How do I get Centos VM to re-read its increased Disk size WITHOUT a reboot question will help.