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Topic: How to grow busy / (root) partition to the left

Hi folks,
Here is the mess i find myself in.How would i proceed with allocating more space to
my linux os dev/sda2 to sda4 extended?Mostly the unallocated 12gb.Thanks



Re: How to grow busy / (root) partition to the left

Note: I have updated the topic to reflect the question you actually have.

So it appears that you want to make sda2 partition larger by moving the start of the partition to the left.  However the partition is busy, because it contains the / (root) file system of the Linux OS you are currently using and running GParted from so it can't be unmounted to resize it.

You need to boot from the GParted Live CD from a CD drive or USB key, or other third party rescue / live image and use GParted from there.  You will then be able to move the start of the sda2 partition containing the / (root) file system.