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apologies for the questions that have probably been answered before. I did search the forums as best i could.

1. To use Gparted to simply resize enlarge a linux partition in a windows laptop,  will a windows install disk be neccesary?

2. Do i use the gparted live module for this?  I burned the non live version of gparted to a disc but it doesnt seem to be mountable.

3. I read the documentation but i did not see instructions for this exact task. Is there some documentation already existing for simply expanding a linux partition?

Thank you for considering these questions.


Re: new user overview questions

For information on GParted and GParted Live see the documentation page.

Be sure to also read the Live CD page.


Re: new user overview questions

I just dove into it and repartitioned my Lubuntu partition in less than 30 minutes.  worked great!  Thank yoiu.


Re: new user overview questions

'Glad to hear that GParted worked for you.

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