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Topic: when i load Gparted Live...

before i get to the "Configuring console-data" page to fill out details, i first see this on black background...

EDDE: Error 8000 reading sector 35 ERROR: No configuration file found No DEFAULT OR ui CONFIGURATION DIRECTIVE FOUND!

then it goes to the countdown to boot page, then select keymap handling (i choose "Don't touch keymap")

then i choose language "US american..."

after this it shows below the message:

"Looking for keymap to install:"

it's at this point that it just hangs.

did i choose the wrong keymap choice "Don't touch keymap" or ?

i'm basically trying to use Gparted Live to see if it can 'see' any hidden partitions on my drive(s) as of now, my
pc is only showing 31 gbs of hdd/data when my laptop originally had approx 90 gb hdd. tried different software
but only able to 'see' 31 gb of data/hdd


finally got past the "Looking for keymap to install:" part, it now asked from a selection how i wanted to run gparted, so
i select "0" (run automatically) it is now stuck on black page with blinking cursor in upper left corner. it's been approximately
30 minutes or so. still same.

thanx in advance,


Re: when i load Gparted Live...

Which version of GParted Live are you using?
For example which filename did you download.

Can you check the md5sum of the file to ensure that it matches the checksum listed for the file?
The checksums are listed on the Download page.