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Topic: Messed up my drive

My system failed and I had an SSD drive that booted up and a hard drive as secondary. I initially thought that the fault lay with the SSD and stupidity wanted to make the secondary drive bootable.   I used GParted to change the flag of the secondary hard drive to "boot" and now even though the drive shows up in Explorer I see it has lost the ability to see the data. When I try to change it back to non boot it will not leave the flag blank. It forces a tick in Msftres (which also is no help). Is there a way of restoring the drive? The data still appears to be on the drive because I can see it when I use EaseUS trial partition manager.  I read somewhere that one should change the partition to allocated and then to normal primary but I don't know how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Messed up my drive

What version of GParted are you using and on which distro or live image?

Way back there was an issue with removing the MSFTRES flag.  See Bug 518439 - Removal of msftres flag.

We suggest using the latest version of GParted Live, currently 0.28.1-1