Topic: partition column configuration source?

I am running Trusty Tahr in a chromebook chroot.

While running ChronoOS I inserted various usb and sdhc flash devices to see what files they contained. I don't remember ejecting them and may have just plugged them in and out.

When I run GParted (.18.0) from Ubuntu, while the chromebook's disk is chosen (/dev/sda) - I see several unrecognized and some unmounted partitions.

For example, I see a 'usb' ext4 partition of 16mb size - unmounted (/dev/sda8).
If I open the file manager, the authentication check "..to mount Kingston (/dev/sda8) appears.

One of the USB sticks I inserted was in fact a Kingston 16MB  - which I don't have now.

I also see several other partitions of 'unrecognized' file type and unmounted in the GParted partition column - which also show up in file manager.

So apparently gParted and the file manager are able to list and the kernel must keep a history configuration of devices that were previously mounted and perhaps not ejected?

I would like to be able to delete these entries so that they don't show up in GParted.

Is this possible? I am unable to find any configuration file with this information. Using xfce.

thanks for any suggestion.


Re: partition column configuration source?

GParted version 0.18.0 is fairly old.  Recognition of more file system types have been added since that version.

I suggest you try the latest version of GParted (currently 0.28.1).  A good way to to this is to boot from media containing GParted Live.