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Topic: Dividing partitions for dual boot ---> SOLVED

Hi there,

I'm running Ubuntu Linux and I'd like to create a dual boot with another Linux OS. I'd like to ask for advice before I use GParted.

The Screen Shot below shows the current partitions I have for Ubuntu. I'd like to find out if what I'm planning to do makes sense and is safe:

1) I want to resize the large partition dev/hda1 by half

2) from the newly freed space, I want to create a new partition and install a new OS there.

I'm not sure if the Ubuntu SWAP partition, located to the right can be separated by another newly created partition with a new system there.

Any comment is welcome.
Thank you.



Re: Dividing partitions for dual boot ---> SOLVED

No problem !
If you create a new Primary partition, it will be called hda3, but will be placed *before* hda2 which is an extended partition that contains logical partitions. Since you don't create anything into hda2, your swap partition would be affected. Anyway, since your swap partition is hda5 the next logical partition you could create would be called hda6.

So go ahead, but please,  DON'T use the GParted built-in ubuntu : it is *very* old and not safe ! (I told them but they definitely don't care of their end-users). Tobad.

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Re: Dividing partitions for dual boot ---> SOLVED

Thanks , Larry. That is exactly the advice I needed!

As for the Gparted I'm intending to use, I've already downloaded the Live 0.3.4-5 version.

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!