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Topic: [SOLVED] About resizing LVM2 PV partitions

Hello there

I sometimes need to use G-Parted in order to resize Windows and Linux partitions.
Last time, I was stuck resiszing an LVM2 partition, as it appeared as "locked"

So I quickly had a look at the G-Parted 0.16 Features tab :

and I found out LVM2 PV did not manage "Copy", "Label" and "UUID" functions.

I was very embarrsed, and at the end of the day, I had to reinstall my Nagios Server choosing another partitionning system (Ext 3).

Question : will version 0.17 include Full LVM 2 Partition Management ?

Thank you very much !



Re: [SOLVED] About resizing LVM2 PV partitions

To resize LVM2 PV partitions, the volume must be deactivated.  To do this, select the menu option "Partition --> Deactivate".  When the LVM2 PV partition is deactivated, then the resize/move menu option will be enabled.

Since Logical Volume Management is not simply a file system, there are serious repercussions to changing the volume group name or UUID.  Also problems will occur if the LVM2 PV is copied.  That is why these operations are not supported for LVM2 PV.


Re: [SOLVED] About resizing LVM2 PV partitions



Re: [SOLVED] About resizing LVM2 PV partitions

'Glad to help.

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